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Phamaly Theatre Company offers a variety of theatre workshops that can be facilitated in various community settings, including schools, businesses, libraries, organizations, and more. 

H.I. = Having InterDependence Workshop


​H.I. Workshops utilize a variety of acting, improv, and movement games, and help people with and without disabilities play together. The goal is not just independence, but to embrace, celebrate and expand by Having InterDependence (H.I.). In the room, we all teach and learn from each other. 


The H.I. workshops work for anyone - in school, business, or community settings - and are especially inclusive of community members with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. 


At your community location! Flexible for a variety of settings, including classrooms, conferences, library rooms, rec centers, community rooms, and more. 


Approximately 90 minutes


Led By:

H.I. workshops are facilitated by Brian Be, a Phamaly actor who co-developed the workshops in conjunction with Phamaly while he was a LEND/Diversity Fellow at the University of Colorado/JFK Partners.

"The Having InterDependence workshops have been an exciting opportunity for attendees of Anythink’s AnyAbility program to express and discover more about themselves. I love the variety of exercises and activities; each one elicits a unique interaction with peers and staff. Thanks to Brian and his team for providing a platform for courage, creativity, and curiosity through these workshops." 

– Hannah Martinez, concierge at Anythink Wright Farms  



"We have hosted several Having InterDependence workshops at Anythink Wright Farms for our monthly AnyAbility group. They are well-organized, intentional, and cater to each individual's particular abilities and needs. It's amazing to see the smiles and budding confidence brought on by these activities led by Brian and his team. Not only do participants have a ton of fun, they are empowered to communicate their individual creativity in a safe and comfortable space."  

– Maria Mayo, guide at Anythink Wright Farms 



"Phamaly's Having InterDependence workshop provides a safe space to be playful, intentional, vulnerable and courageous. The acting, improv, and movement exercises allow participants to gain confidence in their interactions with peers and mentors.  We have hosted several workshops at Anythink, and I am always impressed with the level of participation. Attendees seem to spread their wings and take flight right before our eyes." 

Marsha Marcilla, branch supervisor at Anythink Wright Farms 

For more information on scheduling a workshop, please e-mail or call 303-365-0005 x3. 


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