“How to be a Good ______ to a Person with a Disability” is now streaming

Denver, Colorado, April 26, 2019: Phamaly Theatre Company has released its disability etiquette web series, “How to be a Good _____ to a Person with a Disability.”


The six-episode series takes a lighthearted look at real etiquette faux-pas that individuals with disabilities face frequently. They address how to be a good customer, friend, lover, rideshare driver, Santa and stranger to individuals with disabilities.


“We had a lot of fun making this series. Each of these scenarios come from real-life issues that Phamaly actors and staff have faced,” said Regan Linton, Phamaly’s Artistic Director. “These etiquette gaffes are cringe-worthy in real life, so we parodied these experiences to make a funny web series that helps all of us to think twice about mistakes we may be making.”


The series is written by two longtime Phamaly artists and both winners of the Tribeca Sloane Film Award, Laura Alsum and Jeremy Palmer, and features host Connor Long leading a talented ensemble of actors, all of whom live with disabilities, including: Sarah Bania Dobyns, Brian Be, James Beetem, Marcus Cannello, Bill Casson, Ashley Dearborn, Lisa Gough, Molly Kirkham, Regan Linton, Jason Malloy, Amber Marsh, Esha Mehta, Paul and Maryann Migliorelli, Kevin Pettit, Heather Pyle, Dale Rose, Lucy Roucis, Trenton Schindele, Aloukika Patro, and Arshiya Patro.


The series was co-created with Phamaly and Mitch Dickman of Listen Productions.



The series is streaming at:


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