Come to Your Senses

One-act Play Festival

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Six plays. Six playwrights with disabilities. Six human senses…yes, six. (Or perhaps more.)  For the first time, Phamaly Theatre Company presents a one-act play festival featuring the work of playwrights with disabilities, with short plays that engage, explore, or challenge the human senses.  The plays will be performed in uniquely interactive spaces at Denver’s RedLine Contemporary Art Center, and will feature the talents of Phamaly actors and various local directors.

The Bad One by Jeff Carey

Directed by Daniel Traylor

Featuring Maggie Whittum and Shannon Sauer. 
A comical and visceral interaction between Rupert and Lefty as they face the realities of death, survival, and having a gut feeling ... while living in someone's gut.

Bazaruto by Sean Michael Cummings

Directed by Allison Watrous

Featuring Laurice Quinn, Madison Stout, and Keenan Gluck.
At an exquisite brunch place, K and J are about to seal the deal on the greatest luxury event of the century. Their only problem: questionable taste.

Where There's Smoke by Jennie MacDonald

Directed by Sheila Traister

Featuring David Wright, Madeleine Walsh, and Dale Rose. 
Already late for an important celebration, The Bookseller is prevented from leaving by The Visitor. Where there's smoke there's a dragon, pirates, and, of course, a marshmallow.

On The Rocks by Jeffrey Neuman

Directed by Peter Dearth

Featuring Cameron Clarke, Ace Noland, and Matty Umbriaco. 
A man tries his luck with romance right about the time of last call at a local bar.

Show & Tell at the House of Lucy by Lucy Roucis

Directed by KQ

Featuring Lucy Roucis, Lisa Gough, and Emileigh Woodworth-Smith
A fun and loving look at how one person handles her life with Parkinson's disease.

A Bag of Sand at Applebee's by Garrett Zuercher

Directed by Gregg Vigil

Featuring Sam Barrasso, Jordan Kaplan, Kathleen Traylor, and Adam Johnson. 
In desperate need of a beach vacation, Caroline has no other recourse but to take a bag of sand to Applebee's.



Performance Dates:

November 1-10, 2019

RedLine Contemporary Art Center, 2350 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO 80205



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