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Open Until March 1, 2019

Phamaly Theatre Company Seeking One-Act Play Submissions


Phamaly Theatre Company (Denver, CO) is seeking short (10-12 min) one-act play submissions written by playwrights with disabilities for its upcoming COME TO YOUR SENSES play festival.


COME TO YOUR SENSES will be an evening of short plays that are performed in various locations throughout RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver ( The audience will move between the plays throughout the evening. 


COME TO YOUR SENSES will feature plays that engage, explore, or challenge the human senses.


Playwrights who submit must have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Submissions will be accepted from playwrights anywhere in the US.


The following are the mandatory criteria for a play to be considered:

  • 10-12 minutes in length

  • Must directly engage, explore, or challenge one or more of the five human senses – touch, sight, hearing, taste, or smell. If you want to explore a “sixth sense”, such as intuition, this works too.

  • Maximum of three (3) actors in the play

  • Low-tech and adaptable (see “Questions You May Have”)

  • Only one submission per person


To submit your play:

  • Format your play with 12pt font. No specific font style required.

  • Format your play in a Word or PDF document.

  • Visit COME TO YOUR SENSES Submission Form to fill out general play submission info and upload your play by midnight on Friday, March 1, 2019.




Questions You May Have!


What does it mean to “directly engage, explore, or challenge” the human senses? You get to decide how this manifests in your play. You could write a play during which a character is eating the entire time. Or, the play could be a silent movement piece. Or, it could be done by hand puppets that are constantly interacting physically with the audience. Or, it can involve a character who has a different way of engaging or expressing his/her/their senses. Get creative and think about how a story can be brought to life by engaging the senses, or flipping them on their heads. Just keep it safe, please!


What does “low tech and adaptable” mean? It means, keep it as simple as you can. The RedLine space is essentially an art gallery, not a theatrical space. It will have an artist exhibit showing during the play festival. We will have options to build in minimal tech – i.e. sound from some speakers, some basic props, basic lighting, etc. But the more simple and adaptable the play is so that the director can find creative ways to execute all the elements, the better. If you have specific questions about possible elements you would like to build in, please contact Regan at or 303-365-0005 x5.


Does the play have to be about disability? No. While Phamaly is a company that exclusively casts actors with disabilities, the play does not have to involve any disability-specific content. Only the senses. Themes and topics are up to you! The play WILL be performed by actors with disabilities who will audition and be cast according to the needs of the play and the mission of Phamaly.


I have a play I’ve already written that I really like. Can I submit that? If you feel that it appropriately meets the criteria, yes! But please do not send a play just to send a play, if it doesn’t meet the submission criteria.


Can my actors play multiple roles? Yes. As long as there are only 3 actors in the piece, they can play more than one role.


What do I get if my play is selected, or if it’s not? Playwrights whose plays are chosen for COME TO YOUR SENSES will receive a $500 award. If you are in the Denver area, we would love for you to attend the festival so that we can acknowledge you! If you are outside the Denver area, you are welcome to come to the festival, but we unfortunately cannot cover the cost of transportation to Denver at this time. Playwrights whose plays are not chosen for the festival will be acknowledged in the program, and possibly have an opportunity for their plays to be part of a night of play readings by Phamaly actors.


What is Phamaly? Phamaly Theatre Company was founded in 1989 by a small group of actors with disabilities who wanted a place to perform, but were excluded from opportunities around Denver due to physical or attitudinal barriers. Today, Phamaly is a semi-professional nonprofit theatre company that produces mainstage plays and musicals, original work, and educational programs that exclusively feature performers with disabilities – physical, cognitive, intellectual, emotional, and neurodiverse. Phamaly is award-winning, and re-envisions established works with innovative approaches that utilize disability identities as creative assets in the design and execution of theatrical work. Phamaly also aims to build access into every aspect of the theatrical experience to make theatre accessible to all – onstage, backstage, and in the audience.


Other questions? Contact Phamaly’s Artistic Director, Regan Linton, at or 303-365-0005 x5.


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